Tested Off-The-Shelf Solutions

Thornhill offers the option of using an existing 360 degree questionnaire for administration to a group or an individual, or creating a customised questionnaire for exclusive use in your organisation.

We have a selection of tested off-the-shelf leadership questionnaires for different management levels, which you are welcome to use.

Tested Off-The-Shelf Solutions

There are key benefits to using Thornhill’s standard questionnaires and reports:

  • Off-the-shelf solutions with no consulting or development costs
  • Based on the tried and tested TLS 360 degree questionnaire and clear final reports, that have helped thousands of leaders
  • Anonymous feedback, combining responses from several raters
  • Entirely online – a quick and convenient feedback process
  • Cost effective, saving both money and your time.

Standard 360 Degree Questionnaires

Thornhill offers a selection of tested off-the-shelf 360 degree leadership questionnaires for different management levels:

  • First Line Manager (FLM): This entry level management questionnaire is an efficient way to get effective feedback for junior managers in your organisation.
  • Thornhill Leadership Survey 3.0 (TLS): This questionnaire is designed for use with leaders at middle to senior management level.
  • Senior Leadership Survey (SLS): This questionnaire is for leaders at senior management level responsible for a business or business unit.
  • General Management Survey (GMS): This questionnaire reflects the particular behaviours expected of general managers at executive level.
  • Human Resources Manager (HRM): This specialist questionnaire is for senior HR professionals.