Summary of What We Offer

Examples of the services we offer:

  • Company 360s for groups or individuals: We can run 360 degree feedback projects for you anywhere in the world for one person or for groups of any size, using either our or your own questions.
  • Customised questionnaires and reports: You specify the wording of the questions and the report format, and we will gladly advise on questionnaire and report design to achieve the desired outcome. We can also brand the questionnaire and report with your logo and colour scheme.
  • In-house systems for companies or coaches: Thornhill can also create your own customised online administration system to manage the entire process yourself, using your own branded questionnaires.
  • Admissions screening: We can provide an online system for screening applicants for a management programme, combining the application, recommendations and testing in one convenient package.
  • Integration into other systems: If you would like to seamlessly integrate a questionnaire into an existing system, we can do this through a web-service based approach.
  • Custom-made systems: Our system is flexible and allows for many different possible functions. For example, we have run online elections for the board of a major financial services firm, and we have developed a sophisticated, multiple stage online system for screening applicants for high profile business school courses.
  • Feedback from an executive coach: In cases where you may need someone from outside the company to help your executives interpret the results of a feedback report and draw up a personal development plan, we can offer experienced coaches to do this, using either electronic media or face-to-face sessions.
  • Courselets: We also offer a suite of “courselets” – very short practical instruction on the behaviours that correct bad habits associated with lower scores on a 360 profile.
  • Surveys: Thornhill can run surveys where raters provide feedback on an organisation or services, instead of providing feedback on an individual.
  • Governing Body Assessment: We can provide a process for a board of directors or other governing body to assess its performance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Team Performance Review:  An entirely different approach, involving feedback within the team only, which allows teams to review how effectively they are operating and also provide individual feedback on their contributions to the team process and the roles they play.