Privacy Policy

Thornhill Associates is dedicated to collecting high-quality confidential feedback. Ensuring the privacy of both those that provide the feedback (“respondents”), as well as those that receive the feedback through a feedback process (“participants”) is thus vital to us. As such, if you are a participant or respondent in one of the Thornhill Associates processes, the following steps have been taken to protect your personal information:

  • At no stage will we release your email address or any other identifying information to any person not engaged in the process in which you are participating, unless otherwise directed by you. People engaged in the process include, but are not limited to, Thornhill administrators, client administrators and respondents. Thornhill Associates in no way accepts responsibility for email correspondence, or any other interaction resulting from email correspondence, sent in error due to incorrect contact information provided by a client or participant.
  • Thornhill Associates will take reasonable technical and organisational precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information.
  • We will provide feedback (usually in the form of a report) to participants of feedback processes, at the conclusion of the process. This report will only be used in line with the purpose of the feedback process, as outlined in the email communication received as part of the process (from Thornhill Associates and/or a designated client contact), and subject to the following term.
  • We require client organisations to sign a confidentiality agreement/undertaking that reads, in part, “I understand that Thornhill reports are strictly confidential and I therefore undertake not to release the reports, for current or future administrations, to anyone other than the participant unless the agreed terms differ and only in accordance with the communicated purpose for which the report will be generated, or the participant gives written assent thereto.” Thornhill Associates will take all reasonable measures to ensure that client contacts abide by the terms of this declaration; however we cannot accept responsibility for violations of the spirit or letter of this declaration by client contacts.
  • Unless otherwise specified as part of the email communication (from Thornhill Associates and/or a designated client contact), or during the feedback process, responses of respondents will not be personally identified to participants. This implies that reports provided to participants will contain only aggregated numerical responses, and text comments will not be identified by respondent name. The exact nature of the aggregate data provided will differ from project to project, but will typically, but not necessarily, include constraints that reports will only indicate results aggregated from at least three different respondents. For the precise details of the data aggregation policies for a particular project, please contact .
  • Please be aware that some organisations monitor employees’ internet traffic, including encrypted web traffic. Thornhill cannot conceal your responses or identity from such monitoring systems. We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the network monitoring policy of your organisation.
  • Thornhill Associates owns and retains all rights to non-personal statistical information collected and compiled by Thornhill Associates, unless otherwise agreed to in writing. By accepting this policy, respondents give permission for their answers to be used anonymously in statistical analysis for research purposes.

(Last modified on 30 April 2013)