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The Purpose of Thornhill Associates is to help people become more effective and fulfilled at work through providing technology-supported methods for personal development.

Thornhill Associates provides customisable and cost effective online multi-rater feedback systems with accompanying consulting and coaching services, mostly for the purposes of management development. We combine professional organisational psychology insight with innovative software systems to offer both standard and bespoke solutions to organisations, business schools, consultants and executive coaches.

We have successfully administered over 514 000  questionnaires since 2003, helping thousands of leaders receive feedback in ways that lead to personal growth and more effective performance.

0 000
Questionnaires since 2003

Thornhill has an excellent track record. We developed our software internally and our internal development team is capable of customising processes, questionnaires and reports to client specification. Having software development and psychology professionals in one team gives us a competitive advantage in being able to anticipate and respond quickly and expertly to client needs. We pride ourselves on providing professional, ethical, prompt, efficient and courteous client service.

Although our core business is 360 degree feedback, we do offer a wide range of other customised services. Merging flexibility and reliability, we offer a range of solutions from questionnaire hosting, to instrument design, to running surveys, to debriefing outcomes using qualified coaches.

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The Thornhill multi-rater feedback system offers automated online administration of questionnaires. The system sends emails to participants, captures their responses in a secure database, automatically generates detailed graphical reports, and enables clients to print these reports at any location world-wide. Our system allows for translation of questionnaires into any language. Thornhill offers you the option of using an existing 360 degree questionnaire for administration to a group of managers or an individual manager, or creating a customised questionnaire for exclusive use in your organisation.

Thornhill’s competencies support its core business of customising online multi-rater feedback systems for client organisations. We pride ourselves on having staff that are highly competent in a broad range of areas. We have many years of experience and our competencies include organisational psychology, leadership development, coaching, software development, and online administration of questionnaires.

The blend of psychology, software, and administration expertise in a small team allows Thornhill to listen closely to the needs of clients and create highly customised solutions. This, together with our experience with 360 degree questionnaires, makes us well-placed to help you design a questionnaire that will best assist participants, while avoiding the common pitfalls that can lead to obscure or misleading results.

What Our Clients Say About Us

We asked our clients to rate our administration process, including the speed, responsiveness, reliability and quality of service, and this was their response:


  • “The leadership survey was exactly what we needed to start our process. The questions posed were relevant to our current situation and will help to give an overall picture of TEBA’s leadership and the areas we need to concentrate on. The questions also helped raise awareness as to everyone’s behaviour and how we are perceived. The reports have enabled everyone to identify areas for development, as well as strengths that weren’t evident to participants previously. This has resulted in meaningful PDPs being drawn up … you have facilitated this process seamlessly, even working after hours to ensure that our requests were met. We have so many projects on the go at the moment, and … this one has been the most successful! Thank you so much for facilitating the process so well.”

  • “Thornhill were very accommodating in assisting us in customisation of our survey. The service delivery was great … always willing and available at all times of the day and into the evening as well! You always responded timeously to our requests and also kept me in the loop regarding deadlines and information required from me.”              

  • “Very limited customisation was done, however it was done quickly and efficiently and the fact that the questionnaire is customisable for future rounds was considered a benefit. Many thanks for your assistance and patience with us.”        

  • “The responsiveness during the administrative period was exceptional – queries were answered immediately as well as changes to recipients.”

  • “Quality is good, information very useful and reports were well presented. You stuck to the deadlines and delivered as agreed. Outstanding, your support thus far was excellent, many thanks!!”

  • We are very grateful for the service offered … The FLM reports speak to the total person at the work place. The open feedback from an individual’s relations at the work place provide a great opportunity for self-transformation. The reports are an asset to an evolving company where leaders are required to influence through creation of trust and living the corporate values. I commend the well thought graphical and easy to use reports … Outstanding service. The team was on-point. All the needed support was spot on consistently. Kudos!”

  • “I think the service was great and our administrator was responsive and organised, which helps us stay organised as well.”

  • “Outstanding. Always got helpful assistance with very short turn-around time.”

  • “Fantastic service. Simple to set up and use, great support. It was a pleasure.”

  • “Very happy with the quality and suitability and it has definitely focused on the outputs needed for the Executive leadership process and self-insight. It has given the team significant info to see what they do well and what can be enhanced. Very useful for where the business is at ito development and future focus. Exceptional service and very helpful. I felt completely supported … always very prompt and very helpful and certainly made my job so easy. Very professional and supportive … I got everything that I needed ito delivering a professional service to our client. Thank you.”

  • “The survey gave us a quick and easy tool to see where we are in terms of leadership. Our leaders gained useful insight – much affirmation but most importantly a reality check in terms of development areas.”     

  • “It is a pleasure to work with the team as they are very efficient and provide excellent quality of service. Safripol is completely satisfied with the service we receive from Thornhill. The people we deal with are very knowledgeable and professional at all times.”

  • “Thank you very much for making it seem that you are only working for us! Your very customised approach is much appreciated and considering that our working days/hours don’t match with one another, you were always prompt in turning around things. A lot of options, ideas and suggestions were made available to us. This agility that the Thornhill team brings to the process is important … Thank you for the true partnership. There has been much advice offered to me throughout the entire process which has been very useful. Keeping this door open with us as a client is a service that is most valuable and reflects on your expertise and dedication towards your tools and practice.”

  • “Efficiently handled – all changes made as required. The process has really assisted in streamlining the feedback to the management team. Individuals are now able to compare at a glance what shifts have taken place between cycles.”

  • “Wits Business School uses the services of Thornhill Associates to supply online 360-degree surveys. We have used these surveys at a number of different levels on our programmes, ranging from middle managers to senior managers. This has entailed creating new questionnaires with the questions we specified and using standard questionnaires, administering them online to participants, and generating individual reports. During the time that Wits Business School has used Thornhill, we have found that they have provided a professional and helpful service. They have the capabilities to customise 360-degree assessments and always deliver their services on time and accurately. I have found their approach to be helpful and professional throughout and have no hesitation in recommending Thornhill Associates for any 360-degree feedback project.”

  • “It is with great pleasure that we provide a reference for Thornhill Associates. We have been making use of Thornhill's professional services for our firm's 360 feedback and leadership development surveys since 2014. We found Thornhill's service levels to be highly satisfactory and professional at all times. We maintained close communication with the project managers during the survey process and found them to be very accommodating and cooperative with the company's requirements. Our company was always guaranteed that all information will be treated as highly confidential. Thornhill Associates has the capability and capacity to customize questionnaires and conduct 360-degree assessments effectively and timeously, they have always kept us apprised of the workload and outcomes to be expected. In addition, Thornhill provides adequate and experienced resources to manage the assessment process, together with professional coaching services to assist with the individual development plans and the execution thereof. Based on our experience, any firm should be very pleased to do business with Thornhill Associates and I have no hesitation in recommending them for your leadership surveys, professional development and coaching services.”

  • “Sentech have engaged Thornhill for two years in a row to conduct 360-degree evaluations and feedback interviews for all our senior management staff at the grades of executive, head of department and manager. This has included administering two different questionnaires to different levels of management, generating individual reports, and scheduling coaches to provide feedback to each participant. We have found that Thornhill have provided a professional and technically excellent service throughout. They have the capacity to conduct 360-degree assessments on schedule, have managed the process effectively without any delays or errors, and have produced and presented a helpful overall report to our executive team. I have found their approach to be helpful and professional throughout I have no hesitation in recommending Thornhill Associates for any 360-degree feedback project.”

  • “The Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) uses the services of Thornhill Associates to supply online 360-degree surveys to their core market- managers and leaders at junior to executive level. This has entailed creating new questionnaires with specified questions, administering them online to participants, and generating individual reports. It also includes the use of Thornhill standard questionnaires which we find very useful for our clients. During the time that GIBS has used Thornhill, we have found that they have provided a professional, helpful, and very responsive service. They have the capabilities to customise 360-degree assessments, the intellectual understanding of core behavioural competencies required in business management and leadership, and they always deliver their services on time and accurately. I have found their approach to be supportive and professional throughout and have no hesitation in recommending Thornhill Associates for any 360-degree feedback project.”

  • “Among many other projects for which GIBS uses the services of Thornhill Associates to supply online 360-degree surveys, we engaged Thornhill to conduct 360-degree evaluation for a project for Transnet SOC Ltd. This entailed designing questionnaires for 2 different levels of leadership development programmes – a Senior Management Development Programme and a Global Executive Leadership Development Programme. The questions had to be created in alignment with the Transnet Competency Frameworks at these various levels. In addition, the questionnaires were administered online to managers across the Transnet group and individual reports were generated. Throughout the many years that GIBS has used Thornhill, we have found that they have provided a very professional, knowledgeable and helpful service. Thornhill have the expertise to customise 360-degree assessments and always deliver their services on time and accurately. I have found their approach to be helpful and professional throughout and therefore I have no hesitation in recommending Thornhill Associates for any 360-degree feedback project.”

  • “I have been a client of Thornhill Associates (Pty) Ltd for approximately five years and have worked with Thornhill Associates’ 360 assessment tools for about nine years. I have always found the overall service levels that I have experienced from Thornhill Associates to be exceptional. Their service is prompt, efficient and friendly and their turnaround times are quick. Thornhill Associates have the capability and capacity to develop customised questionnaires. I have worked on customisation of questionnaires with Professor Jonathan Cook and the Thornhill Associates service and technical teams and they were able to deliver a high quality product that was tailored to both the leadership capabilities of the companies that I worked with and took best practice into account. I have also worked extensively with Thornhill using their generic 360 leadership assessment tool with great results. The company also has capacity to conduct 360 assessments and to provide coaching feedback. It has been a pleasure working with Thornhill Associates over the years.”

  • “MTN Group uses the services of Thornhill Associates to supply online 360-degree surveys, across our 22 countries footprint and in 27 operating units. This entailed creating new questionnaires with the question intentions that we specified, administering them online to participants, and generating group and individual reports. During the time that MTN has used Thornhill (since early 2014), we have found that they have provided a very professional and helpful service. They have the required capabilities to customise 360-degree assessments and always deliver their services on time and accurately and have delivered 6120 360-degree assessments to our staff to date. They embody a "Can Do" attitude and are an absolute pleasure to work with in that their professionalism and passion for great work is always felt. I have found their approach to be most helpful and professional throughout. I have no hesitation in recommending Thornhill Associates for any 360-degree feedback project.”

  • “The Thornhill selection tool was a great tool to use for our project.  The team has great structures and documents in place and it met the needs we had.  The team has a vast amount of knowledge around this and it was great to be able to call or email them to ask for assistance. Thornhill was very capable and willing to customise any area of the on-line selection tool for our programme … They were also very willing to make any adjustments and no technical issue seemed too complex for them to handle.  Thornhill was a great partner to ensure total customisation for our client … The team was always available and willing to help – even after hours and weekends.  Their response time was swift and the work done was extremely accurate.  We had a very tight deadline to complete this project, and Thornhill made sure we were able to do it in time.  So in terms of speed, responsiveness, reliability and quality:  YES, YES, YES and YES, without a doubt.  I would most definitely recommend the Thornhill team.

  • The quality of the reports were very professional and of a high standard. The questions asked for first line managers were relevant and suitable for the individuals at that level. The Thornhill project manager was very swift in her turnaround time around questions, both from a delegate and client perspective. She comes across in her service and communication as proactive, calm and professional.”


Some of the organisations we have had the privilege of working with include: