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1.1 About which company would you like to make this report?

Edina longeshefa / ilo lokampani:

1.2 Where is the company located?

Department / Section:

1.3 Please indicate your relationship to the company reported.

Tumbula kondandalunde

1.4 Would you like to provide your name?

Contact information:

2.1 Please select the applicable Incident Type from the list below that best describes the issue(s) you are reporting:

Tumbula kondandalunde

3.1 Do you know the name of the person(s) or organisation(s) involved?


3.2 Do you want to add another involved party?

Ngele eeno, handja edina (ilo omadina)

3.3 Has management been notified?

Gandja edhina lyaangoka ta lopotelwa.

First name
Last name
What date was the individual notified? YYYY-MM-DD

4.1 When did the incident occur?


4.2 Where did this incident occur?

4.3 How do you know about this incident?

4.4 Is any supporting information available?

4.5 Please provide a detailed description of the incident. Efimbo, efiku, onhele nomadina. Keshe tuu ouyele todulu okuhandja. Tumbula nee oonakukufambinga? Eshi vaninga/ ilo aninga? Apa shaningilwa? oNaini? Omunhu okweshi enda ngahelipi? Ino shanga itya ya pitililapo po5000.

4.6 Do you know whether this incident will reoccur:

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